P7270052Our Mission – Inviting people to a safe community, to explore and experience life changing faith in Jesus Christ, equipping them to share his everlasting love.

Our Vision – We are a loving congregation that:

INVITES people to a safe community, a warm and accepting sanctuary for all, a place to develop meaningful and lasting relationships.

EXPLORES life changing faith in Jesus Christ. We will help find answers to life’s problems based upon the truths contained in Scripture.

EXPERIENCES life changing faith in Jesus Christ, worship that is relevant to our community, meeting people where they are in their lives, providing worship, prayer, education and programs that enhance personal growth and participation within the body of Christ.

EQUIPS those to share the everlasting love of Jesus Christ, a unified body where each member knows and uses their spiritual gifts, living selflessly to focus on bringing others to Christ. SHARES His everlasting love. We are in a spiritual fight for the eternal lives of everyone in our community. Therefore, we are a church committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Come be a part of what God is up to at Southeast Community Church!