Focus Scripture: Proverbs 7:17
“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

At Southeast Community Church we are dedicated to always be there to help provide the opportunity for every man to Join us in a safe community to be able to explore and experience a life changing faith in Jesus Christ. All the while equipping them to share in His everlasting love and to serve others all for the glory of God.  Part of being a godly man means serving your family, and being a Godly example to your wife, children, and neighbors with integrity.  
We encourage all men to be gospel-driven in their study and application of scripture, and therefore have a Bible study groups where we share the word together. We also encourage men to fellowship with other men, so we have activities that include fishing trips, sporting games and service projects. In all this, we hope to encourage each other to experience life-changing growth as men and in our roles as husbands, fathers, and employees. We all hope to see you there soon!